We have trained over 700 dentists to date, including a dentist from all fifty states and many provinces in Canada, and would be more than happy to provide you with a course reference at your request. We consistently receive positive feedback course after course, and have listed just a few of the comments we receive each month from past course attendees. We closely review and read each course evaluation to ensure we continue to make our programs better and better each month.


"By far, this was the best hands-on course I have ever attended. The entire team is very knowledgeable, informative and willing to go an extra mile to make sure we get the experience as expected. Dr. Tim Kosinski and Dr. Golden are very attentive on the clinic floor and practically hold hands to help learn the correct technique. Lecture was very detailed and focused on talking points. Physics forceps, if used correctly, deliver time efficient and atraumatic oral surgery."

DR. PUJARA - north hampton, ma

"It was great a course and an absolute pleasure meeting you all and leaning so much in just one day. When we were done with the lecture part in the morning and heading downstairs I was so nervous that I will not be able to do any extractions and someone will have to take over for me. By the time we were done in afternoon I had extracted more than 10 teeth and left with this priceless confidence. Highly recommend to anyone as total practice changer for me."



“It's the best course I have ever been to as a dentist - excellent!"

Dr. Chiu - Los Angeles, CA


"You have THE best organized and executed continuing dental education course I have ever attended.  Many, many courses tout the goal of providing information/training which may be used the first day back in the office. These courses delivered on that promise.”

Dr. Ferris - STERLING, IL


“Dr. Tim and Nazarian were spot on with the educational material and great mentors for the course. I learned a lot more than I expected to.Thank you for your hospitality.”



"Dr. Golden and Dr. Nazarian were extremely helpful and willing to show me hands-on how to use the Physics Forceps properly, how to remove a difficult root tips, how to evaluate lower molars and what to do if a tooth fractured, how to give the Akinosi injection, etc., etc. - AND were very unselfish and willing in the clinic to teach this invaluable knowledge. I am very happy I came to the course and am greatly appreciative.”

Dr. Oberferst - FAYETTEVILLE, NY


"I took my first tooth out using the Physics Forceps this morning in my office first day back! It was so easy!  I am so glad I took the course and I am ready for the next one!”



"It was a wonderful course and a terrific weekend. The course context is very easy to understand and to the point. The speakers did an outstanding job. Thank you very much.”


"I would like to commend your instructors on one of the best courses I have ever taken. They made it so easy and practical and I did two exts with grafts Mon morning. I tx planned two more by the end of the day! $1,000 I would've referred out easily due to the decay and bone. I can't wait to start doing the implants. What great instructors and I have read many of Dr Kosinski's articles and videos and really enjoy his down to earth style.”

Dr. Killman - SMYRNA, FL