Amplify Dental Training, a GoldenDent™ Company, was founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Golden under the name Golden-Misch Education, becoming the first extraction program of its kind in America to offer extensive live-patient treatment. Dr. Golden recognized the need amongst his colleagues for extraction training that was effective and convenient, while providing the opportunity to work on a large volume of live patients. Dr. Golden believed that the the only effective method for learning was to actually work on a large volume of live patients and Amplify Dental Training has continued this philosophy for the last ten years. Amplify Dental Training has grown over the years to offer socket preservation and grafting programs, in addition to its extraction programs it has perfected over the last ten years. Amplify Dental Training has key opinion leader faculty including Dr. Ara Nazarian and Dr. Timothy Kosinski, who are both well respected practicing general dentists that teach in a friendly, practical and easy to understand style through their own step-by-step real world clinical cases documented through photography and video.

Amplify Dental Training has trained over a thousand dentists, treated thousands of patients, extracted 10,000+ teeth and grafted 3,500+ sites, which were all done by the attendees on our patients. 

Amplify Dental Training prides itself on continually serving its students for the remainder of their careers. We work hard to develop relationships with our students during the programs, where we are available for years after the programs to assist our students with their educational and clinical needs as they progress in their practices.

The Amplify Dental Training programs are considered the most comprehensive live patient extraction and grafting programs in the nation, where the students actually get to work on live patients that are all provided by Amplify Dental Training.

Nobody does live-patient learning like Amplify Dental Training, we encourage you to look around for other programs in the U.S. and ask how many procedures you will perform, how many patients will the program have booked, do you get to actually work on the patients, etc. We are confident you will not find a program quite like Amplify Dental Training.